Data Analytics


h-i5AITHERAS LLC offers a full range of services to ensure that our customers attain the maximum value from their investment in data analytics by employing quick, productive, and cost efficient consulting and analytic project development. Our analysts have decades of experience developing predictive models and providing related consulting services to both federal and commercial clients.

We help our clients advance their use of analytics by working closely with them and collaborating to understand their business issues, and we effectively leverage data and modeling to solve business challenges, providing professional training as requested. We build highly predictive scoring models using advanced analytics. While our solutions are unique to the needs of each client, all are based on our advanced analytics capability. We have worked with Business Intelligence (BI), predictive scoring and analysis, as well as with Natural Language Processing (NLP) on text analytics including concept clustering, semantic, and sentiment analysis. Our specialists are recognized for their abilities in developing highly predictive models, and they uniquely construct solutions to each customer’s particular business requirements. We use predictive analytics to help businesses automate, improve, and combine decisions across various, and sometimes disparate, parts of an organization.


We are a diverse organization with deep analytic experience and a proven track record of finding new and creative ways to leverage traditional and non-traditional data sources and analytic solutions for use across various industries. Our analytic solutions are often proposed for in areas where analytic solutions have not traditionally been applied. Through advanced analytics we are able to identify patterns, trends, and connections in structured and unstructured data that is not easily discernible through conventional analysis.

Our services offer the perfect merger of technology with analytics. We are able to assist our clients in developing effective infrastructure to transport data, and with better tools to analyze it for operational and strategic decision making. The Department of Justice Case Study, highlighted on this site, is a perfect example of this capability.

Our analysts are very experienced at assisting our clients with their data challenges, such as:

  • Determining how to get value from their data
  • Risk and Governance issues (e.g. security, privacy, data quality, etc.)
  • Integrating multiple data-sources
  • Integrating data technology with current infrastructure
  • Building infrastructure to effectively integrate current and future data technology
  • Defining data strategy

The exponential growth in data will continue in the years to come, and the need for the expertise of our analysts is evident – we are adept at helping our clients meet current and future data challenges.