Litigation Support Services


h-i2AITHERAS understands the pressures facing today’s federal managers, which include expanding mission requirements, shrinking government workforces, budgetary pressures to improve program efficiency, and taxpayer and beneficiary expectations for improved government performance. Faced with these trends, federal managers seek professional, reliable support to help them achieve their goals. They need the kind of contract support that understands the programmatic details of Litigation, Investigative, and Legal Support, and appreciates the importance of comprehensive program management. They need the assurance of a reputation for excellence and dependability. Finally, they need a high-performance organization capable of providing resources for Legal staffing that delivers superior services.

As one of the leading providers of litigation support services to commercial and federal clients, AITHERAS brings an array of comprehensive experience and best practices for legal and litigation support, with applied and enhanced support for:

  • e-Discovery
  • Data Analytics
  • Forensics
  • Case and Document Management
  • Jury Selection
  • Patent Legal-Analytics-Search Support
  • Pre-Trial and Trial Support.


AITHERAS provides several key and unique features to accomplish its litigation support objectives. These include:

Culture of Responsibility

AITHERAS has a relentless focus and critical ability to protect its customers’ privacy, along with their sensitive and classified material. Through our established procedures and processes, we have produced a culture that ensures the security of our customers’ data. These workplace processes and procedures, together with our strong track record, and tailored training and mentoring, are established companywide; giving our customers confidence and security they can count on. Our extensive experience with sensitive and classified data systems, those holding Personally Identifiable Information, and Title 13 (Protection of Confidential Information) data, is reflected in just about every program we operate. Our Culture of Responsibility is defined by:

  • Our ability to instill customer confidence in the protection of their data and information
  • Comprehensive employee training in handling sensitive and classified information
  • Intelligent hiring practices and personnel that greatly reduce any kind of insider threat

Repeatable Litigation Support Processes

AITHERAS’ Litigation Common Process Framework (LCPF) is the result of the collection and implementation of best practices and lessons learned, through the execution of large and complex legal programs, and of our sustained investment in improving the quality and effectiveness of services delivered to our customers. We will ensure that:

  • Costs and schedules are defined, realistic, and achievable
  • Requirements are effectively analyzed and validated
  • Litigation support processes and practices have built-in product quality
  • Programs achieve outstanding end user satisfaction

Transparent Workflow

AITHERAS’s Litigation Management System (ALMS) is a web portal that provides a transparent view into all aspects of data processing, collection, and analysis capabilities, and offers increased responsiveness, improved communications, and better collaboration through features that assist attorneys in making their work smarter, faster, and more efficient. The ALMS portal provides granular access control allowing each customer to have complete visibility into their data. Benefits include:

  • A close-in view of every stage of the process
  • Access to performance against scheduled milestones
  • Time and cost savings when tracking down pertinent information about case status
  • Cost savings through repetitive processes and procedures
  • Cost savings as a result of avoiding rework

Proactive Staffing

AITHERAS has an outstanding “Virtual Bench,” in which we continuously anticipate staffing needs. Candidates are identified, prescreened by recruiting and security, and finally vetted by the stakeholder, and we continue to populate our Virtual Bench throughout the life of any contract. This approach ensures:

  • Rapid response to staffing needs, both short and long term
  • All candidates are fully vetted and well qualified
  • High Retention/Low Turnover