Records & Data Management


h-i1AITHERAS offers a wide range of enterprise consulting solutions tailored to the document management, digitization, application integration, and database management needs of both government and industry clients. We have extensive experience implementing standard electronic document and records management functions, including retention schedules and workflow designs. AITHERAS also has extensive experience working with older, and now less common document formats for federal clients, such as microfilm and microfiche, and we have similar experience with records that are fragile, damaged, irreplaceable, or in need of any variety of special considerations in handling or processing. Additionally, AITHERAS can ensure clients are provided with a solution that meets all of the regulatory needs, guidance, and qualifications dictated by their industries, such as Presidential Memorandum – Managing Government Records, NARA, DoD 5015.2, OMB A-130 and HIPAA.

AITHERAS also has extensive experience in the provision of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) services for our military and civilian client bases. We have a Secret Facility Clearance and have managed several records and data management projects that have unique security requirements. We also have expertise in the provision of acquisition and contract support services to include FOIA services and contract files, storage, retention, and disposal services.


AITHERAS has direct experience managing many tasks within the records and data management arena. We provide the requisite technical services to a broad array of government and commercial clients. Because of this direct experience, we bring a comprehensive and low risk approach that incorporates lessons learned from previous efforts of varying scope and complexity. Specific areas of expertise:

Records Management and Governance

AITHERAS has supported clients in the design and implementation of programs for records management and information governance to ensure that records are identified and managed throughout their lifecycle. As there are a number of organizational goals inherent in the design of a records management program, such as meeting regulatory mandates, keeping adequate documentation of contract, personnel, or other records created between two parties, and ensuring appropriate security and governance of records owned by an organization, AITHERAS works with our customers to ensure that the system designed fully meets their requirements using industry identified best practices and best-in-class standards, policies, and tools.


AITHERAS is a proven expert in NARA standards for documents archiving. We have worked with and successfully delivered results to a number of clients who require NARA-compliant solutions.


AITHERAS has access to analysts and legal professionals with significant FOIA experience, and we can bring to bear those individuals for this opportunity. Our personnel are skilled in

  • Backlog reduction
  • Proper information redaction procedures
  • Exemption consistency
  • Multi-track processing of FOIA/PA Requests and Appeals
  • Compliance support with FOIA, PA, and the E-Government Act of 2002
  • Development and/or interpretation of FOIA/PA Policy
  • Thorough understanding of FOIA/PA Exemptions and Executive Order requirements
  • Document Control—Records Management
  • Declassification Policy
  • Development of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Systems of Record Notices (SORNs)

Our experience shows that agencies that with this type of personnel, and with adopted best practice methodologies for improving their FOIA process, have successfully reduced their backlog, significantly reduced turnaround time for responses, and dramatically improved relationships with citizen-requesters. AITHERAS can bring these skilled FOIA personnel to bear for any effort.

Training Support

AITHERAS is experienced at developing and deploying repeatable client-approved, interactive, comprehensive, and role-specific training to ensure all users of specific systems are proficient in their use.

Digitization, Electronic Imaging, and Data Extraction

In delivering solutions to meet customer requirements, AITHERAS has drawn upon our extensive experience in designing and implementing records digitization processes to support broader records management and information governance efforts. In practice, this has meant the design and implementation of digitization workflows using high-speed document scanners, electronic document management software, as well as both automated and semi-automated data-extraction and indexing tools. By combining traditional records management and information governance principles with modern electronic document management technologies, our customers are able to better manage their files electronically, resulting in more secure management of records, lowered operational costs, and decreased risk of loss or exfiltration of critical records.

Our experience in this area has provided AITHERAS with the expertise necessary to offer a host of capabilities which can be combined to create a comprehensive electronic document management solution tailored to the requirements of our customers:

  • Archival Scanning
  • Scanning of fragile or historical documents
  • Full preparation of documents (Removal from folders, removal of staples / paperclips / fasteners, reassembly of documents after scanning)
  • Full text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) indexing (for creating fully “searchable” documents)
  • Zonal OCR indexing (for automated forms processing applications)
  • Alternative format scanning (microfilm, microfiche, large format documents, 35mm films, 120 films, large format films, blueprints, mechanical drawings, etc)
  • Automated deskew, auto-rotate, blank page removal, hole-punch removal, automated clarity enhancements, and other post-processing
  • Extensive quality assurance and quality control practices with the capability of guaranteed accuracy Service Level Agreements